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 Post subject: Checking back in...
PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 10:12 pm 

Joined: Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:02 pm
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Thought I'd check back in after using AllDataJ1 worksheet for a few weeks. I feel lime I'm starting to get the hang of it combined with AllDataBase. I play mostly Cali tracks and some other small tracks, and am showing positive results with the smaller tracks.

Del Mar is not going so good yet, but I'll get it dialed in. I'm content just collecting the bris files and results files for now. When I get a good sized file of them, I'll see what AllDataBase can spit out for me.

A couple quick questions; is there a way to save pacelines? Also, to the right of the PP's, there are a few function buttons ( save...), can you comment on these?

For AllDataBase, is there a description for the controllable variables?

All in all this is a great handicapping tool! Thanks for providing it!

I need to add a little personal dicipline to my wagering still to show long term profitability!

 Post subject: Re: Checking back in...
PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 1:12 pm 
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There is no way to save manually selected pacelines. Once you gone back to the race selection area and clicked a race button, all the "Manual Override" column, for each horse from the previous race is cleared out. This prevents previous paceline selections from being used for other races, in batch processing mode. In manual processing mode, you can select your pacelines for as many horses in a race as you wish, then when you have all of that done, you click the "Save to database" button and the data for all those horses' selected pacelines is saved to the holding area. Then you can select another race and do the same thing. Once you finish a card, and save the races to the holding area, you can import another card and do the same things for all those races, saving each race to the holding area, then you can import another card, etc.. Once you have manually processed all the cards and races for the day or session, then go to the "Main" sheet and click the "OUTPUT" button, which will grab all the race data that you saved to the holding area, and paste all that data in the "ZZDAILY.xls" file in your results folder, then you can close the workbook, and open the "AllDataBase" workbook and click the "IMPORT DAILY" button, which will go to your results folder, open that "ZZDAILY.xls" file and import all that race data into "AllDataBase", then you can follow the "Daily Play" indtructions in he "Step 3" help document.

The manual processing operation, above, is explained in the "Step 4" help document.

Regarding the buttons to the right of the "Past Performances":

The “Erase Database” button clears any previously saved races. So, each time you begin a new “manual processing” session, you can click the “Erase Database” button so only these new cards will be saved to the “ZZDAILY” file. If you are processing more than 1 new card only click “Erase Database” before the 1st race, on the 1st card, is saved, do not click it again until the next day or the next “manual processing” session. So, we only “Erase Database” once each day, or “daily processing” session. This allows you to process more than 1 card and save and import them all at one time.
The “Save To Database” button saves the “Current Race” to the holding area. The ”New Race” button takes you back to the “Race Selection” area so you can click the next “Race_” button to load the next race.

That button info is also explained in the "Step 4" help document.

There is no listing of all the query-able factors. Most of them are self explanatory. Here they are, with my explanations

Date - race date ranges
Distance - race distance ranges
Purse - race purse ranges
ActM/Line - morning line odds ranges
OFF ODDS - final off odds ranges
Weight - horse weight ranges
PostPo - post position ranges
Race # - race number ranges
AGE - horse age ranges
NumHrses - field size ranges
EARLY SPEED - Quirin early speed points rankings ranges
RUN STYLE - horse running style ranges (1="NA", 2= "S", 3 = "P", 4 = "E/P", 5 = "E")
DAYSAWAY - days since last race ranges (366/-1 for example would only allow horses that have races withing the last 365 days to be included in the query)
NUM RACES - limits the horses to be queried by the number of starts
BEST WIN - rankings ranges by horse win % (11/5 for example, would only include horses that ranked in the top 5 win %)
BEST ROI - rankings ranges by horses' $2 ROI
AVERAGE WIN - horses' average win %
AVERAGE ROI - horses' average $2 ROI
AVG IST - horses' average 1st call beaten lengths
AVG 2ND - horses' average 2nd call beaten lengths
AVG STR - horses' average stretch call beaten lengths
AVG FIN - horses' average finish call beaten lengths
BestSpeedDIST - horses' best speed fig at today's distance
BestSpeedLife - horses' best speed fig ever
TSN/BRIS/PRIM - Brisnet Prime Power rating
BESTL2COMP - one of Harry's proprietary composite ratings (best of last 2 races)
BESTL2COMP2 - another of Harry's proprietary composite ratings (also best of last 2 races)
TRAINWIN% - trainer win%
TRAINROI - trainer $2 ROI
JOCKWIN - jockey win %
JOCKROI - jockey $2 ROI
EPS - horses' earnings per start
EPR - Pizzola's early pace rating
PPF - Pizzola's power fraction rating
WORK DIST - workout distance ranges
TEPF - my "total" composite of Pizzola's EPR and PPF
AEPF - my "average" composite of Pizzola's EPR and PPF
FR1 - Sartin 1st fraction velocities
FR2 - Sartin 2nd fractio velocities
FR3 - Sartin 3rd fraction velocities
EP - Sartin early pace velocities
SP - Sartin sustained pace velocities
AP - Sartin average pace velocities
FX - Sartin FX velocities (sprints only)
%E - Sartin percent early
EP+SP - total of Sartin EP and SP velocities
TE - Sartin total energy velocities
TotalFPS - total feet per second
TotalCPR - total of the rankings of Sartin's EP, SP, AP, FX(FX for sprints only)
P1 - don't remember what this is
P2 - don't remember what this is
rFR1 - rankings of FR1 velocities
rFR2 - rankings of FR2 velocities
rFR3 - rankings of FR3 velocities
rEP - rankings of EP velocities
rSP - rankings of SP velocities
rAP - rankings of AP velocities
r%E - rankings of %E
FIN - not sure what this is
W - not sure what this is

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